How much does a solar system cost?

Our price quote page would design your system and give you the cost to outrightly purchase the system. We would then follow up to validate the design and give you pricing optionality on payment plans

How does energy storage work?

Battery energy storage stores energy during the good (presence of grid, daytime from solar) to use during the bad (absence of grid, night time). Energy stored in the batteries is then used to power your system instead of Diesel generators

What are the benefits of going solar?

Solar provides the following benefits

  • Saves you money on your lifetime power cost
  • Saves the environment by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provides a superior energy experience with high reliability, minimal maintenance and instantaneous switching between power sources

Where do we operate?

We are developing solar projects in different locations across Africa. Currently, our active projects are mainly in Nigeria. However, we intend to expand to other areas of Africa and other continents in the future.

Can Solar work during the rainy season?

Yes we utilize high tier solar panels that generate energy even during the rainy season