Step-by-Step guide on Getting Infranergy’s Solar Energy System

One of the biggest challenges in accessing solar energy in Africa is the assumption that it is costly, tasking and difficult. Consequently, our most frequent questions from clients are usually about how long the process takes, how much the solar system costs, and what they need to commence the installation.

This article provides a guide that shows you the 5 simple steps involved from first contact to post installation of a solar energy system in less than 3 weeks.

Step 1: Getting a free price quotation

To begin the process of getting our solar energy system installed, our website has a direct link to a free price quote form. This form requests a few details that allow us to calculate how much electrical power your facility requires and how to meet your electricity needs with an Infranergy solar system. When this form is filled, our team accesses and analyzes your energy consumption and needs.

Step 2: Consultation

Based on the information which you provide on the price quote form, our team will reach out through a call to get a better understanding of your electricity needs and schedule a power audit site visit if needed. This may be needed to better understand the uniqueness of your power situation. Following this step, we prepare a customized engineering design and proposal which caters to your specific situation. Our hybrid solar packages are based on the combination of solar panels, batteries and inverters that provide the amount of energy you require to power your facility, over your preferred power duration.

Step 3: Proposal Pricing

After the consultation, we send you a comprehensive estimated price summary or proposal which would include payment plans that best suit you, paving the way for us to begin installation as soon as an agreement is executed. We understand this is usually the most delicate step as most are worried about incurred expenses. However, our prices are cost-effective and flexible with monthly pricing plans that put you in control of your payments.

Step 4: Installation

Once an agreement is finalized, we start the installation. The entire process of installation is usually done in about 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the size of your installation, allowing you to have a functional solar system installation for your facility quickly, so you can start saving money immediately. For some of our customers, their favorite feature of our package is that there is no upfront fee payment. Customers start to receive monthly invoices and make monthly payments after installation.

Step 5: Post-installation Operation

We continue to operate and maintain the installation on your behalf. With remote monitoring and monthly checks, we ensure that your solar system maintains > 99% uptime. Our relationship with our end-user customers is continuous, as we offer comprehensive guides and follow up on Do’s & Don’ts, cleaning, and warranty after installation. Our engineering and technical team is always open to our clients for any further services and information required.

We are passionate about helping businesses understand the benefits, savings and timing involved in installing our hybrid solar systems. For more information, please reach out to us through our contact form and social media channels.

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