Infranergy is Helping Businesses Profit off the Value of Solar + Battery Storage Spare Capacity to Revolutionize Grid Reliability

In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, the rise of distributed energy resources (DERs) – such as EVs, rooftop solar panels and battery storage – has brought about groundbreaking changes in how we generate and consume electricity globally. However, integrating these diverse DERs into the traditional grid poses significant challenges, particularly regarding stability and resilience.

A recent episode of “What’s Your Problem? by Jacob Goldstein, Jigar Shah, Director of the Loan Programs Office at the U.S. Department of Energy, delves into the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) landscape and its impact on the power grid.

With the speedy adoption of EVs, neighborhoods are experiencing localized demand surges, challenging traditional grid infrastructure. Shah highlights the issue of peak demand, noting that the grid is overbuilt to accommodate these intermittent spikes in usage. This results in inefficient grid utilization, with only 40% of capacity being utilized at any given time.

To address this challenge, Shah introduces the concept of virtual power plants (VPPs). A VPP is a network of distributed, small-to-medium-scale power-generating resources, flexible power consumers, and storage systems, These devices can be controlled together as one unit to enhance and balance the power generation of intermittent renewables. They can also monitor, forecast, and optimize,  demand-side options for load reduction.

By aggregating and coordinating these resources, VPPs can shift energy usage away from peak periods, reducing strain on the grid. This is because most EVs are plugged in for 13 hours but only charge for 3 hours, creating an opportunity to strategically schedule charging during off-peak hours.

Sunnova and LUMA Energy, a VPP provider, tapped into the collective battery capacity of participating homeowners in Puerto Rico, effectively creating a virtual grid battery. This enabled homeowners to sell their stored energy back to the grid, generating significant cost savings and improving grid stability. In some cases, participants achieved zero summer power bills.

The underutilized potential of peaker plants, which operate at a mere 8% yet get paid billions of dollars to be available, further underscores the significance of VPPs and battery storage in helping reduce grid associated costs. By optimizing energy usage and leveraging distributed resources, we can effectively reduce reliance on these inefficient and polluting power sources.

Making loads more flexible is big business. According to the Brattle Group, it is estimated that building energy inefficiency and the lack of demand-side flexibility will cost the US over $50B annually by 2050. By integrating renewable energy sources and demand flexibility, Infranergy is leading the charge to ensure VPPs offer the potential for cleaner and more affordable power while supporting the overall grid’s rapid electrification and cost reduction. .

Pioneering a Sustainable Energy Landscape with Infranergy

Infranergy is a trailblazing VPP operator and a recipient of the prestigious U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) SBIR Award (Small Business Innovation Research), at the vanguard of the energy revolution. Infranergy’s cutting-edge VPP which orchestrates solar-powered battery energy storage assets, combined with its groundbreaking grid-enhancing software, paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future while empowering Commercial and Industrial (C&I) end-users with power bill savings, energy revenue from monetizing the spare capacity of their batteries, and supports utilities with enhanced grid stability and resilience.

Battery storage holds immense value especially when managed by Infranergy’s virtual power plant platform, capable of zeroing out your summer or winter power bills by enabling the sale of surplus electricity and spare capacity to the grid. The rising frequency of blackouts, attributed to factors like extreme weather, prompts many to invest in batteries for protection. This surge underscores the growing necessity to fortify businesses against disruptions and adapt to an evolving energy landscape.

C&I businesses face the dual challenge of managing energy costs while aligning with sustainability goals. Infranergy’s VPP software offers a comprehensive solution that empowers C&I end-users to achieve operational excellence, enhance sustainability, and unlock unprecedented value.

For Commercial End-Users:

  • Reduced Energy Costs: Infranergy’s VPP solutions enable businesses to optimize energy consumption, reduce energy costs, and achieve substantial savings on their bottom line.
  • Enhanced Grid Resilience: Infranergy’s technology contributes to a more resilient grid infrastructure, mitigating the impact of power outages and disruptions, and ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
  • Sustainability Leadership: By adopting Infranergy’s solutions, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, enhancing their brand reputation and attracting eco-conscious customers.

For Industrial End-Users:

  • Demand Response Optimization: Infranergy’s VPP platform enables industrial facilities to participate effectively in demand response programs, generating additional revenue streams from grid operators.
  • Peak Shaving and Demand Management: Infranergy’s solutions empower industrial users to manage their energy demand, reducing peak energy consumption and associated costs.
  • Emissions Reduction and Regulatory Compliance: Infranergy’s technology helps industrial facilities meet environmental regulations and achieve sustainability goals by reducing their carbon footprint.

Infranergy’s unique blend of solar and battery storage, coupled with its expertise, is a game-changer in the energy sector, empowering commercial and industrial end-users to achieve operational excellence, enhance sustainability, and unlock unprecedented value.

What sets Infranergy’s VPP Solutions apart?

It’s the advanced algorithms and data analytics!

This technology enables optimal energy mix management and ensures precise energy delivery when and where it is needed most. The software also provides energy management tools that enable end users to maximize the revenue from grid incentives, minimizing their net energy costs.

Infranergy’s VPP software intelligently manages solar panel output, battery charging, and other DERs, constantly adapting to real-time demand and supply data. By leveraging grid incentives, the software efficiently manages peak loads, ensuring minimal risks of blackouts or brownouts.

Embrace a Sustainable and Profitable Energy Future

Infranergy’s VPP software is not just a technological solution; it’s a catalyst for C&I businesses to achieve their energy and sustainability goals. By partnering with us, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of services that empower you to:

  • Reduce energy costs and maximize return on investment
  • Generate additional revenue streams through demand response programs, amongst others.
  • Enhance grid resiliency and mitigate the impact of power outages
  • Demonstrate leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability

For large businesses and organizations with multiple buildings and complex energy profiles, the software also enables precise predictions of net load demand and minimizes net grid costs across all assets while considering potential revenue from grid services.

Utilities also partake in the benefits of Infranergy’s VPP

Empowering utilities with measurement and dispatch logic capabilities is at the cornerstone of Infranergy’s collaboration model. Leveraging proprietary optimization models and scenario planning, Infranergy provides utilities with measurement capabilities such as energy savings evaluation and predicting the available battery capacity with over 98% confidence.

By integrating Infranergy’s VPP software into their operations, utilities can maximize the value of distributed resources through a more streamlined integration and orchestration of these resources. The software enhances grid stability and resilience by optimizing the usage of behind-the-meter (BTM) battery storage, particularly during peak demand periods and outages. As a result, utilities can reduce their reliance on dirty peaking power plants which cost billions to maintain, ultimately leading to lower costs from cleaner power sources for ratepayers. Utilities can also procure grid services from fast-responding VPPs, stabilizing the grid.

VPPs offer the potential to optimize home energy consumption. For instance, participating homeowners may agree to have their thermostats adjusted remotely during specific hours when electricity demand is higher, earning credits in return.

Battery storage plays a crucial role in enhancing grid flexibility and resilience. Shah emphasizes the value of storage, stating that it transforms the electricity commodity value chain by mitigating the impact of variable energy sources.

With the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, such as heat domes and winter storms, grid stability is paramount. Battery storage can serve as a buffer, absorbing excess energy during periods of low demand and releasing it during peak demand or grid disruptions.

Is Infranergy’s VPP Model the Airbnb for Distributed Energy Resources?

Many people think Airbnb has run its course and businesses are looking for how else they can make money from their buildings and assets – whether it is leasing out roof space for Infranergy’s solar panels to power loads onsite, or signing up battery storage assets to Infranergy’s virtual power plant platform to sell power back to the grid, or minimizing power bills by optimizing EV charging and HVACs. Infranergy is a trailblazer in leveraging the spare capacity of DERs to generate revenue for asset owners while revolutionizing grid reliability by offering a powerful VPP software solution that unlocks the full potential of DERs. This helps create a cleaner and more reliable energy future and decarbonize the grid.

Businesses interested in maximizing energy cost savings and related revenue – as they transit towards a cleaner and more reliable energy future to achieve sustainability goals – can partner with Infranergy today. Let us provide you with unique VPP software tailored specifically to your business needs.

Embrace the future of energy management – sign up for a demo of the Infranergy VPP platform today to start earning revenue.

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