With energy alternatives being the latest talk of the town, it is great to see solar energy becoming a considerable option.

This source of clean energy makes power as accessible as possible, allowing communities and homes to embrace the concept of a constant supply of electricity all year long.

Given the robust functionalities of energy production and storage panels paired with batteries are enabling folks to go off the power grid in a reliable yet elegant fashion.

Now, more than ever, people are curious about the purchase, longevity, and the efficiency of solar panels.

Solar panels are made up of a collective number of solar cells that absorb solar radiation from the surface.

To get the best out of energy production, the panels are installed on the roofs of buildings, as it gives great access for the solar panels to generate electricity due to the ever-present visible sun rays.

In fact, significant solar energy production continues even when it rains. Although at less power.

Considering purchase of solar panels? It will be handy to know how to maximize the efficiency of solar panels, especially in the rainy season.

Here are 5 ways to make your solar panels work better in the rainy season;

1. Keep the solar panels clear from shadows

The more sunshine rays the solar panel gets, the more electricity it produces even in the rain.

This single fact is so important that the entire installation process is built around placing solar panels away from shadows.

To ensure that you’re getting the absolute maximum energy production even in the rain, it is paramount to ensure your solar panels are free from shadows from trees and other objects that can block solar panels from getting the sunlight they need from the environment.

2. Ensure the solar panels are well angled

As a rooftop owner, you can take advantage of the rain itself.

By placing the panels at positions that allow the rain to slide off the panel surface you get the added advantage of having a clean panel after a rainstorm.

Positioning at a natural angle comes very handy in the installation process as it goes a long way in even protecting the panels from strong winds in a rainstorm, while the right tilt helps maximize solar energy output.

3. Perform routine maintenance checks of the solar panels

Incorporating a waterproof glass system protected by a 25-year warranty, our solar panels are of a superior quality, backed by our monthly preventative maintenance and real time remote monitoring of the entire system.

It is vital to keep in tune with the efficiency and maintenance of the panels, due to the unpredictable temperament of the weather.

Having periodic checks and records of the functionality of the solar panels can ensure that scratches, corrosion, moisture penetration, and browning are taken care of on time.

4. Adding more solar panels to optimize energy production

With reduced visible rays in the rainy season, it is expected to have less produced energy.

With about an average 2 kWh/day produced for every kW of solar installed on the roof on a rainy day, adding extra panels can increase the average of generation percentage/day.

Purchasing solar panels can help increase the power output for your home during cloudy days thus ensuring the solar panels perform optimally in energy production.

As an added advantage, these solar panels are suited not to take up too much space on your roof.

5. Backup the energy produced in a battery energy storage system

A battery storage system can be of great help to provide power at night or on days when the solar panels are not getting enough visible rays to produce abundant electricity.

In such cases, power demand can be supplemented by the battery.

When solar harvests more than enough energy to power your load, the extra energy is channeled into the battery bank.

Compared to the cost of running fuel generators or staying on the grid, the Infranergy high-quality lithium-ion battery and solar energy systems ensure constant electricity throughout the rainy season, and are customized to match your specific power needs.

Infranergy high-quality Lithium-Ion battery
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