Our belief is that the provision of clean and affordable energy should have minimal impact on the environment.

(PPAs & Equipment Leases)

With zero money up front required from creditworthy business clients, we sell power under commercial agreements, leveraging our project expertise as owners and operators of power infrastructure.

Energy Efficiency

Our comprehensive, end- to-end solar solutions help businesses reduce energy costs, boost energy efficiency, monitor usage, and improve their carbon footprints.

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)

We’re building VPPs to connect households, businesses and their batteries through networks, compensate them for valuable grid services, help manage energy flow, and reduce reliance on the grid in times of higher demand.

Other Products & Services

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We provide quality industry standards. We are focused on innovative impact investments in clean energy and infrastructure

Solar MicroGrids

Microgrids (Micro Utilities) are potentially the cheapest source of energy per kWh. We have helped reduce large facilities’ utility bills by 15% – 30% and reduced fossil fuel consumption for onsite self-generation, driving overall power cost savings of up to 56%. Micro grids provide an extra layer of energy resilience and security, and they have islanding capability which enables them to independently function even when there are power grid outages. Our micro grids are more capital efficient for our customers compared to polluting fuel generators that often require high OPEX to run. We provide financing to help customers avoid the significant upfront capital of ownership.


Our Solar home systems (SHS) are deployed as stand-alone systems that offer a cost-effective mode of supplying amenity power for lighting and appliances to remote off-grid households, hospitals and other critical community infrastructure.


Infranergy’s leadership team’s pioneered battery energy storage development and commercialization across several regions in the U.S., starting in 2016.

Infranergy helps aggregate and network batteries into virtual power plants which can provide grid services to utilities in order to reduce power costs for all, stabilize the grid, scaleup clean energy adoption towards decarbonization, and distribute economic incentives and electricity trading income.

As leaders in energy storage expertise, we have not only captured energy from the wind and sun, we’re storing it. Battery Storage projects can be standalone, or combined with solar; leveraging grid connected, distribution level or off grid for residential or commercial applications. We combine solar PV generation and storage to deliver a true “renewables as baseload” solution that increases resilience and efficiency.

As a true world leader in Energy Storage, our professionals have managed and helped develop more energy storage capacity than most companies in the renewables industry, leveraging state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery storage systems. Having managed more than 140 MW of battery energy storage systems in the U.S. and Canada as an industry pioneer on prior mandates, we help ensure that clients have the energy they need, whenever they need it.